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Fic: The Price of Looking Dapper

Title: The Price of Looking Dapper
Author: Duskdog717
Characters/Pairing: Merlyn, Deadshot, Doctor Arthur Light
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,539
Continuity: Hell if I know.
Summary: Villains aren’t born looking good. They have to primp before they go to the club, you know?
Disclaimer: DC owns ‘em. Unfortunately.
Author’s Notes/Warnings: Blame LadyTalon.

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Title: A Hunter’s Lodge
Author: Duskdog717
Characters/Pairing: Merlyn/Doctor Light
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,000
Continuity: A few days before the storyline beginning in Green Arrow #52 (“Heading Into the Light”).
Summary: Merlyn may have a bit of an obsession. Fortunately, Arthur Light is not one to pass judgment on another man’s kinks.
Disclaimer: DC owns and shamefully abused both of them.
Author’s Notes/Warnings: The Arrow-Wank room is the same office that later appeared in Black Canary #1. So yes, Merlyn’s obsession is canon. It makes me a little sad that my first attempt at writing Doctor Light is a rapeconned Artie, but I actually enjoyed his portrayal during the Green Arrow storyline (minus the random “I love to rape” references). He and Merlyn worked well together… in fact, they won. How often do villains do that? And such excellent taste in facial hair!

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Title: Scars
Author: Duskdog717
Characters/Pairing: Abin/Sinestro, Sinestro/Hal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1171
Prompt: scar
Continuity: Green Lantern Movieverse!
Summary: They always come back to the scar. But only one man ever had the right.
Disclaimer: DC owns ‘em.
Author’s Notes/Warnings: This was supposed to be a fill for a prompt on the new GL kink meme, where the poster wanted to see some sexy attention given to Movieverse Sinestro’s facial scar… but once I started writing, it went in a decidedly un-smutty direction instead. Oh well. As to the scar itself, I have decided that it had to have been deliberately inflicted. I mean… look at it!

Sinestro does not share his body often, or with many, but it bothers him a little that they all always come back to the scar.Collapse )

Ficlet: Made (Hal/Sinestro)

So, I dashed this off ages ago, and found it again when working on something new today... apparently I never got around to posting it before, because a quick search didn't reveal it on the journal here. Oops.

Title: Made
Author: Duskdog
Characters/Pairing: Sinestro/Hal
PG-13 for implied sex? Whatever. I don't even know what the standards are anymore.
Word Count: 430
the morning after
Continuity: Early in Hal's career, when Green Lantern Sinestro is still his mentor.
Summary: For once, it's Hal who gets loved and left. But it's okay.
Disclaimer: DC owns 'em.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Whenever I imagine Sinestro in Hal's apartment, I imagine The Odd Couple. Only with more biting. Prompt was "the morning after".

Hal woke up alone.Collapse )

Title: Not Quite The Next Best Thing
Author: Duskdog717
Characters/Pairing: Sinestro/Carol Ferris
Word Count: 3,175
Kink meme request: Sinestro/Carol, jealous hatesex over Hal
Continuity: Brightest Day
Summary: Unrequited love hurts. But at least you never have to settle for unrequited hate.
Disclaimer: DC owns 'em.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Rough sex, ringplay, naked Sinestro. Don't say I didn't warn you. Also, this is possibly the newest addition to my favorite pairings list. I won't call it a crack pairing because I don't think it's that far-fetched. Seriously, have you noticed the way they keep picking on each other?


They're sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it's better than drinking aloneCollapse ) 

Challenge Fic: The Dynamic Duo (Guy/Kyle)

Wrote this back at Halloween for the DC-Couples Halloween challenge over on DeviantArt... and forgot to post it here. It also just so happened to neatly fit one of my few remaining prompts for my sadly-neglected Guy challenge table. Guy/Kyle is relevant to everyone's interests, right?

Title: The Dynamic Duo
Author: Duskdog
Characters/Pairing: Guy/Kyle
PG-13 for innuendo
Word Count: 851
rebellion (T12; P09)
Continuity: Wherever
Summary: Guy and Kyle dress up for a couples-style Halloween party.
Disclaimer: DC owns 'em.
Author's Notes/Warnings: These shenanigans are Team Arrow Approved (tm)!

He's going to kill us, Guy...Collapse )

Title: An Intervention Long Overdue
Author: Duskdog
Characters/Pairing: Tora, Booster, Bea
Rating: PG-13 (One F-bomb. Really. Blame Tora.)
Word Count: 2423
Continuity: Behind the scenes very early in Justice League: Generation Lost
Summary: When even Tora is yelling at people and throwing around curse words, it's long past time for someone to step in.
Disclaimer: DC owns 'em.
Author's Notes/Warnings: I started writing this (before JL:GL finally started addressing the issue of Tora's out-of-character behavior) as a way to believably reconcile the Tora I know and love with the whiny one that Giffen/Winick are currently writing. I would think that, of all the heroes who were brought back to life just to be Nekron's puppets, Tora would be the most susceptible to survivor's guilt. A bit of freakout would be believable, but only to a point -- she's stronger than the writers are giving her credit for. I like to think that, after this scene, she goes back to being awesome. Also, this is my first attempt at writing modern responsible Booster, I think. It's harder than writing screw-up Booster, but more rewarding, I think.

I can't do anything except live, when I'm not even supposed to be here to do that.Collapse )

Blogging From Atlantis

So... blogging from a land that was, until very recently, under water, and really needs some help.

Caught in a flood...Collapse )


Plug: DCU Spring Porn Fest

Just a short note for those of you who haven't seen it yet:

Hop over to the DCU Spring Porn Fest and prompt some things. Better yet, once writing time comes, write some things! Other than the things I prompted myself, I don't see anything that I'm really absolutely dying to write yet, but there's still plenty of time for that to happen. There are a couple of Guy/Kyles that I might pick up.

And if you happen to be one of those people who likes writing weird and/or unpopular pairings, I have a few up there that I would give up my firstborn to see written. (Disclaimer: I don't actually have a firstborn, and I probably never will. In the event of lack of firstborn, cookies will be supplied as a consolation prize.)

Sinestro porns times 10,000, please?



Fic: The Christmas Story (JLI)

Belated Christmas fics are in fashion this year, don't you know? (And don't worry, I haven't forgotten my drabble request meme. Just... one of the prompts turned itself into a full-fledged fic. As usual.) 

Title: The Christmas Story
Author: Duskdog
Characters/Pairing: Tora, Bea, Guy, Ted, Booster, probably Satan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2824
Summary: Tora performs a Christmas miracle that does not involve immaculate conception (or plain old run-of-the-mill conception, either).
Disclaimer: DC owns and abuses 'em. I just fix 'em.
Author's Notes/Warnings: THE POWER OF TORA COMPELS YOU. Also, there's a bit of fun-poking at religion here, so consider yourself warned.

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